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LJM Consultants audits UPS and Federal Express invoices and assists companies with UPS and FedEx Contract Rate Negotiations

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UPS and FedEx Auditing:

LJM Consultants is the premier carrier invoice auditing company in the parcel industry, servicing nearly 1,000 clients nationally and tracking roughly 200 million packages yearly.

UPS and FedEx shippers need assistance eliminating carrier overcharges and billing errors. Invoice errors likely occur 52 weeks a year, and shippers get stuck paying for carrier mistakes and unperformed services.

Our UPS parcel audit and FedEx parcel audit service begins by using our proprietary 65-point invoice auditing engine that identifies UPS and FedEx billing errors and overcharges. This auditing engine not only enables us to recover a significant amount of refunds for our clients, it also empowers us to provide our clients with "best in class" web-based reporting tools. These extensive reports help our clients better understand and better manage their parcel spend.

It costs nothing to use LJM's parcel audit services, and we do not require you to sign a contract. We work on contingency basis; our only fee is a percentage of the money we save on your UPS and FedEx audits. Typical parcel auditing savings are 2%-6%.

UPS and FedEx Contract Negotiating:

LJM Consultants reviews hundreds of client carrier contracts annually and helps negotiate numerous UPS and FedEx agreements yearly. Our auditing experience coupled with our years of contract negotiating experience gives us insight on a daily basis to the complexity of carrier pricing structures and negotiating methods which makes us uniquely qualified to understand the intricacies of carrier agreements. Contract Negotiations savings typically range from 10% to over 25%.

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LJM Consultants appoints Thomas Andersen as Partner / VP of Supply Chain Services

Posted By Ken Wood
LJM Consultants, a leading UPS and FedEx Invoice Auditing, Analytics and Contract Negotiating firm, announced today the executive appointment of Thomas Andersen as Partner / Vice President of Supply Chain Services... Read more

UPS Sued for "Systematically Overcharging Customers"

Posted By Ken Wood
A class action lawsuit has been filed against UPS systematically overcharging customers for the first $100 of declared coverage... Read more
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A Few Very Important Tips for Negotiating UPS/FedEx Agreements

Posted: 04/08/14
LJM Consultants has been helping companies re-negotiate their UPS/FedEx agreements for many years. We actively negotiate dozens of new carrier agreements every month. Our ... read more.